Saturday, December 12, 2009

HCG Diet

12/12/09 - Saturday

Good morning fellow bloggers. What a week it has been. Thursday, I'd lost 3 lbs! How awesome is that? Sadly, Friday I gained a pound but today I'm down 2. So let's do the math shall we? I'm down 22 lbs for this round and a grand total of ... drum roll ... 39 lbs! I was looking at my stomach this morning in the mirror and it's looking a little saggy. It could just be my imagination though. I'm hoping it is! The stretch marks are starting to fade though which is really awesome!

Yesterday was a rough day for me. After stepping on the scale and finding that I'd gained a pound, I found out that my truck still isn't ready. Been over 2 weeks without it now. Apparently the mechanic decided to find some more things wrong with it. They must not be very busy I guess. Anyway, they say I should have it Monday but I'm not going to get my hopes up. After I left work I came home and didn't even feel like eating so I took a nap. Slept for like 3 hours. Woke up at 4:30pm and figured I should probably eat so I threw some lettuce in a bowl, heated up some chicken and put some strawberry dressing and that was lunch/dinner. On top of the salad I ate 2 apples during the day. I'm feeling the same way today, no wanting to eat. Looks like I'll be forcing myself to eat again today. Oh well. Not much longer on the HCG. I can only lose 12 more lbs before I have to stop taking it and I'm hoping it goes quickly. This diet is getting more and more difficult for me to resist normal foods, especially when offered candy bars at work! So far, I've been able to stay strong and I hope will be able to the rest of the way. :)

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