Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HCG Diet

12/08/2009 - Tuesday

Okay so the weather has been so crazy today! We have maybe a foot of snow outside. I attempt to drive to work in the Mustang I'm borrowing but that quickly failed. Thankfully, I had at least some good new this morning! I'm down another 0.7 lbs. I'm still only at 19 lbs lost but for 12 days, I don't think that's too bad! I've been doing a holiday health challenge with work and I've been doing some exercising while on the HCG. Nothing too extreme or anything but at least it's something right? The reason you aren't supposed to exercise too much while taking HCG is if you are burning more calories than you take in, you are burning fat right? Well it's going to be the good fat that you need to protect your body. The HCG burns the stubborn bad fat that your body stores and never uses. The nutrients stored in the fat you burn is still kept in your blood so I'm not losing any nutrients either which is always good considering I don't get enough Vitamin D and with the Depo shot, I'm suppose to get more calcium too.

I'm thinking part of the reason I didn't lose as much yesterday is because I didn't drink much water and I also forgot to eat a fruit with my dinner. Whoops! I'm doing a lot better today though. Already on my 3rd bottle water and it's only about half full. Only 1 more to go. :)

Things have been getting better with the cooking situation. My mom has been better at telling me when she'll be home and when she'll be gone which makes things easy. And she's been making more portions when she cooks too which she totally doesn't need to do but I'm glad she does! :)

One last note: I put on the shirt I bought a few months ago and it fits! It's slightly tight but it looks really good on! The pants aren't quite there and that's okay. I'm just glad because this shirt is 4 sizes smaller than what I generally wear! I can't wait till I can start shopping for smaller size jeans. Maybe clothes shopping will be fun for once!

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