Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HCG Diet

12/09/2009 - Wednesday

This morning I woke up around 2 am because I need to use the restroom. I thought for kicks and giggles, I would weigh myself. Well the scale said I gained 2 lbs. I stepped off and tried it again and it said the same thing (reliable scale for sure). So, disappointed, I went back to bed. 5 AM rolled around and I got up and relieved myself again, got back on the scale and it had gone down 1 lbs. So I'm up 1 lbs instead of 2. I suppose I should be happy I didn't really gain 2 lbs but I'm just upset that I gained anything at all. I'm thinking the steak I had for lunch may have been the cause of it because I don't know how it was prepared (whether my brother made it or my mom).

Sadly, most of today was spent sleeping. I did go to work for a few hours but I had a headache so I couldn't stand to be there for too long. I think the most I did was decorate the Christmas tree and did the dishes. Otherwise I was laying in bed sleeping or playing on the computer. I haven't had any energy today. Should probably find the b-12 vitamin's that I bought a last round and start taking those again to help. I'm down 18 lbs in 13 days. Not too shabby even with the weight gain, I'm ahead of the game. I'm just hoping that the next 16 lbs shed quickly so I can start the maintanence phase. :)

Thanks for the support, as always! Love you all =)

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