Friday, May 7, 2010


So I had started the HCG back up on March 15th. Lost a total of 15 pounds in a total of 31 days. I got frustrated with not losing much so I took a 2 week break and started the hcg up again last Sunday. So far the scale has moved every day and I'm getting closer and closer to my goal. I'm down a total of 69 lbs and this round (starting from March 15th) I'm down 19 lbs. I have 15 more to lose before the next 24 days. hopefully it comes soon because my work is having a huge party and it would suck to not be able to eat anything while I'm there (and I have to be there since I'm helping with the planning). I have 86 more lbs to lose to reach my goal weight or 96 to have my BMI be normal. I'm thinking I'm sort of big boned so we'll see if that happens.

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